CR-Laser's Annual Gethering--Harvest 2012, Challenge 2013

       2013 is the 10th anniversary year of CR-Laser and is a key year for CR-Laser to make diversified development.  This year our company will carry out some significant reforms  in many aspects like: the framework of stock rights, the management of performance salary and the product diversification. In this  decennial, we'll take "HOME" as our theme, making every CR-Laser's menber have the family feeling, family warmth and family harmony, making CR-Laser to be the second home of our staff. Through every employee's hardwork and contribution, let's make CR-Laser to be a platform which can gather all the employees' wisdom and accomplish our career; let's construct our home together.

      The new year brings the new hope and bears the new dream. Let's fight for our home--CR-Laser's future!

    The host of the evening party still is our Purchasing Department manager Mr. Liang and with his office clerk this time. Their humourous hosting style made the atmosphere very active.    











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