2014 Barbecue Party In order to celebrate the Christmas and the New Year, we held a barbecue gethering on Dec.30th, 2014.
2014-12-03 Riding Cloud, Climbing Wutong As 2014 draws to a close, CR Climbing Association has held the last climbing activity in 2014. This time, we’ll challenge the highest mountain in Shenzhen, The First Peak of Pengcheng——Wutong Mountain! more
2014-11-21 CR Basketball Game A much-anticipated basketball match was held successfully yesterday in CR-TEC Group. Two teams—CR-LASER & CR-LED were under the race. Our president of CR-TEC Group –Mike held the post of judge. All the players were in line with the sport spirit—Friendship First, Competition Second, actively involved in the game. more
2014-10-29 Trip to Jiangxi 2014 People always say that, body and soul, there must be one on the road. In order to alleviate the tension and busyness of all daily work, let everyone at work to enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, our company decided to organize a collective tourism, giving everyone a chance to relax. However, it wasn’t a say-and-go trip, but a pick-up route by our Administration Dept. after a few nights’ hard work: Small Wudang Mountains——Guanxi Weiwu——Requanhetanggu Hot Spring——Dongjiangyuan Sanbaiye Mountain, a 3-day trip, take a real hot spring, taste delicious Hakkas cuisines and drink pure Dongjiangyuan water! more
2014-10-06 The First "CR-GOOD VOICE" Singing Contest In the afternoon of Sep.28th,2014, before the 65 anniversary of National Day, we CR-LASER grandly held the first “CR-GOOD VOICE” Singing Contest. more
2014-09-01 The First Basketball Game of CR-LASER In order to adjust the tense working atmosphere, to give full play of the team spirit, to enhance the tacit understanding of colleagues and the group cohesiveness between every department, we CR-LASER had held a basketball game last Thursday. All active basketball players from every department had made a quick decision to take part in. more
2014-04-16 Climbing Around Meilin Reservoir After a period of continuous rains, finally, on Apr.12nd, a furious spring day, we CR-Climbing Association held an outdoor activity—climbing around Meilin Reservoir. more
2013-12-09 OUTSTANDING EMPLOYEES With the development of the 10th anniversary party, through the strict comprehensive evaluation, our company has selected out 10 outstanding employees. In order to thank them for their hard work, our company had prized them and took photos with them. more
2013-12-05 Climbing Tanglang Mountain On Nov. 23rd this beautiful day, CR-LASER’s Climbing Association has organized an climbing event again. This time our target is Tanglang Mountain. more
2013-11-12 Hiking From YULV to FENGHUANG In order to enrich the employees' spare time and to strength our company's cultural construction, last Saturday we CR-LASER had held a thrilling and exciting hiking edventure which was planned by our company's HIKING ASSOCIATION. more
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