CR-TEC original name is “CR”, as the world mix together and internationalization continuously, in order to indicate self characteristic, it adopts “CR” to behave brand and bases on the essence of original name to use English “CIR.RECT”, which means nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards to show the management idea.


   CR-TECis homonymic from CR-REC, which means keep thinking, research mystery, magnify wonder..


The main products of branch company of CR-TEC are named beginning with CR and classified as CRLASER, CRLED, CRLITE.


CR-LASR is the branch company of CR-TEC. It obediences to the style of focusing on detail, pursuit of precision, and braves to innovate laser product, goes forward positively, keeps up with the times, observes and grasps trend, creates laser performance system with innovation and breakthrough on the requirement from customers. It builds strong technique strength, brings customer with additional value by advanced product.


The Meaning of Logo  :  


By using the charecter of shape color and flip dynamic from laser shine to form a creative idea




 Creative idea abstraction











                         Business Goals: Unlimited originality, changing trend of field.

Perfect product, winning trust of customer

People oriented, pursuing common development


         To adapt to the revolutionary change of laser field, CR-LASER keeps innovation and cooperation with industry partners, foucus on research and development the conbination product of fashionable laser and new light effect, creates values for custmoer and society. Because of these value proposition. CR-LASER devotes itself to make life wonderful and enhance work efficiency. Meanwhile, we are working hard to be the first choice and the best solution partner in laser application field, to be the favorite brand of customers. 

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