At present, as the logo symbolization, CR-TEC are keeping light, bright, and going forward. Never sink in past glory, brave to change. Some dream pass away, some dream wander around. During the decade, CR-TEC ‘s dream never fade away, but grow up and develop stronger with the innovation and progress.


In 2012, with 3 years experience of LED lighting research and production. CR-TEC released the two series outdoor product of ThinBar and ArkiShine.



In 2011, Cooperation with Europe laser company to develop high-end product DREAM to meet the market requirement. As for the low-end gift market, MINILASER was created. Both two made a great sales volume.



In 2010, With the innovative thinking of “think different" and uncompromising to common. 3D laser was created which established the leader status in this field,.



In 2009, the release of LM started a application age for fat beam and led an innovation in this industry again. At the same year, the lighting product entered into mass production which indicated CR-TEC in the other brand new field.



In 2008, Olympic year, MOONSTAR innovatively combined the laser effect and LED water wave effect together which made a new application for laser and injected new energy into laser.



In 2007, CR-TEC industrial park was established, CR was formally changed name into CR-TEC, CR as the main mark with three branches CR-LASER,CR-LED,CR-LITE.



In 2006, the self-developed SUPERBEAM laser platform in application which broke technology barrier of European, and made a hot atmosphere for domestic DISCO.



In 2005, leading-in new VI recognition system. The first one designed optical filter in this year and composed different colors solid laser into a colorful light which successfully replaced the expensive colorful gas laser.



In 2004, FALLINGSTAR was created which started the totally new application in grating laser. Since then, the sparkle effect of FALLINGSTAR connected with CR ‘s logo deeply.



In 2003, formal registered, the innovative technique application overturned the high price’s laser market, and started a new scene in laser market.



During 2000-2002 CR made a breakthrough for applying bonding crystal in arena laser.






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