KING CLUB of Suzhou

In KING CLUB of Suzhou, CR-LASER had equipped it with 30 sets of dynamic laser--LM. They are installed all around the stage, fulfilling every corner of the club with fat beam, perfectly showing the high brightness of laser and the innervation of light.

Product Introduction--LM
In 2009, CR-TEC released LM series, initiating the application time of fat beam laser diode, leading an innovation again in this field.
New fat beam laser diode, safety and visibility of single laser beam have been improved. Array cube housing design, laser curtain, laser net, laser rain are easy to be achieved. East to carry, install and disassemble.
▶Digital centre checking, easy to install
▶Fat beam laser diode trend comes from me
▶Digital set up motion image
▶Sound control “ bright” or “dim” choice




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