Clubs need not only high-class music, and need much more professional lighting to cooperate with performance and to ornament the environment and render the atmosphere. To  foil the atmosphere of strong rhythm by reasonal use of various lighting effects, putting the club to reach a lively climax and making people feel relaxed and enthusiastic. In Kunming UT Club, we CR-LASER had installed a DREAM-7 in the middle of its stage and two DREAM-1 besides it. DREAM Series is the high-equipped product of optical scanner series. It can boom the show with strong laser beam and gorgeous colors integrating in the high songs and hot dances.



Introduction of Applied Product
Dream can be limitless. The second generation, Dream series, adopts new precise compact design. Three-decker separable structure gives us the unique sense of fashion. Concentric-circle design for the lens can soften the tough appearance of the device. Dream are fantastic, so let’s pursue our dreams with actions.
▶SD card can store and play a large number of programs
▶Independent three layers design
▶Wide heat radiation area
▶Three dimensional adjusting bracket
▶Security protection







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