Landmark is a special term of outdoor advertisement.It refers to the symbolic area or place of every city, or fully embodies the features of that city and the area under development.Landmarks of a city should be incorporated in the city, and can influence the process of city development, integrated in the fashion and leading the trend.
Phoenix Mansion,as a main twin building of two big banks,is one of the indispensable landmarks of Tangshan.Cooperating with our CR-LASER's landmark product--SKYMARK, with well design and high quality, taking Phoenix Mansion as the carrier, projects laser animations on it.Not only increase the fun, but also have a great effect of advertising.


Introduction of Applied Product--SKYMARK


SKYMARK is a high power laser performance system researched and produced by CR-TEC, all the parts adopt the best material. Laser design, centre control system, temperature control, remote switch equipment are all for customer’s easy operation and safe system. The powerful visual effect of high visual brightness is widely used for government project (city night view, landmark, theme square, and city beautify project etc), arena performance, light of theme park, exhibition, large-scale activity, indoor and outdoor laser advertisement and any other fields.

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