Basketball game 2015 between CR-LASER and CR-LED.

There was a basketball game between CR-LASER and CR-LED on 17th July,2015.Base on the friendship 、teamwork and fair competition,the game was started with Mr.Mike,CR’s chairman, blew his whistle。

CR-TEC was playing an away game but without any stage fright,they made a good start,got 2:0 first.

CR-TEC was under the lead of Mr.Mess,the general manager of CR,gearing up,not lying down to level the score 2:2.

Players adjust mental attitudes at half time

The audience cheered and clapped because the players in both teams worked hard.Their perfect cooperation makes the game more and more superb and fierce. 

Finally,with a height advance,CR-TEC win the game with the score 66:21.

CR will hold more activities to make CR people’s life more eventful and more healthier;to build more formulated CR culture in future.

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