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One of the most popular activities for a night out is going to a nightclub. At nightclubs, you can dance, meet people, have a drink and relax. Most of the time, nightclubs are pretty easygoing places. However, just like any culture, nightclubs have rules that dictate their social norms. Knowing what you can and cannot do is just as important as choosing what nightclub to visit.

The Line
The line is the first thing you will encounter in a nightclub. Usually, these lines look extremely long and can be discouraging. First, make sure you are dressed appropriately for the club. Nightclub dress codes can vary. Do not try to get into a club with nicely dressed people if you are in a T-shirt and jeans. Approach the bouncer and him how long the line is. The line you see might not be the line to get in. Be polite as bouncers look for people who might be a bad element for their club; if you are rude you may not get in. If the line is long, you can try to tip the bouncer, but this may or may not work.

The Dance Floor
The main area of a nightclub will be the dance floor. This is where the majority of people are and there is an opportunity to meet people. The main thing you should know about going out on the dance floor is to be respectable. Nothing signals to the bouncers and other patrons that you are a problem than if you wildly throw yourself on the dance floor and start invading people's space. Ask people if they would like to dance and make eye contact with them. Don't just start dancing with people without their permission.

The Bar
The other main area is the bar. The bar will be crowded and the bartenders will most likely be busy. Don't just walk up and expect service, no matter how much you plan on spending. Introduce yourself to the bartender and get her name. Go back to the same bartender each time so she starts to remember you. Tip at least a dollar a drink each time you order. Also, once you get to the bar and get your drink, get out of the way of other people. You may like the bartender and want to start a conversation with her, but there are other people trying to order. Most importantly, be polite. Bartenders are the eyes and ears of the bouncers. If they think you are rude or a bad element, they will help to get you evicted.


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