CR Basketball Game

A much-anticipated basketball match was held successfully yesterday in CR-TEC Group. Two teams—CR-LASER & CR-LED were under the race. Our president of CR-TEC Group –Mike held the post of judge. All the players were in line with the sport spirit—Friendship First, Competition Second, actively involved in the game.

We took the International Standard Rules in the NBA Match this game. The game was divided into 4 sections and each section was 12min. As the judge’s whistle, the stadium was filled with tension. All the players’ passion were incisively and vividly released on the basketball court.

It is said that there’s no kin in the battlefield. All the players were positioning actively, covering hard, playing competitively. Seeing our team was beat badly, after the first section, our CR-LASER’s General Manager—Mess was decided to play in person. He made vigorously efforts to turn the situation and scored many times. Our cheering team also kept cheering, enhancing the troop morale.

What a shame that CR-LED Team was energetic and athletic. They finally beat our team with 57:31.

However, Friendship First, Competition Second! We had a happy meal after the game to strengthen our friendship. What’s more, we had an appointment that holding the next game next month! Let’s looking forward to it !





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