Trip to Jiangxi 2014

People always say that, body and soul, there must be one on the road. In order to alleviate the tension and busyness of all daily work, let everyone at work to enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, our company decided to organize a collective tourism, giving everyone a chance to relax. However, it wasn’t a say-and-go trip, but a pick-up route by our Administration Dept. after a few nights’ hard work: Small Wudang Mountains——Guanxi Weiwu——Requanhetanggu Hot Spring——Dongjiangyuan Sanbaiye Mountain, a 3-day trip, take a real hot spring, taste delicious Hakkas cuisines and drink pure Dongjiangyuan water!
Our first station is Small Wudang Mountain in Jiangxi——a provincial scenic spot. There’s Danxia landform with 99 peaks standing and steep stones rising. It makes us frightened but leads us to explore.


After Day Two’s breakfast, we headed to Guanxi Xinwei——the most preserved and largest and most comprehensive enclosed in China with more than 14800 sqm and more than 200 years’ history.



Then we went to Dongjiangyuan Sanbai Mountain Hot Spring Tourist Resort: it is the rarely pure natural, non-polluted, high quality developed hot spring nationwide, and it is praised as THE FIRST HOT SPRING IN SOUTH OF THE FIVE RIDGES. Everyone of us can’t wait to jump into a pool to enjoy massage and get a relax.


Our last station was Dongjiangyuan Sanbai Mountain—a national forst park. There’re mountains, forest, waterfall and hot spring. We took lots of beautiful photos while taking that wonderful journey!


Happy time always has a special fast. On our way home, we still looked through the photos and talk about the trip. All od us did have a great time. No matter go out or at work, no matter body or soul, we CR-LASER are always on the road!



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