With the development of the 10th anniversary party, through the strict comprehensive evaluation, our company has selected out 10 outstanding employees. In order to thank them for their hard work, our company had prized them and took photos with them.


                                  Chen Guangjun—PMC Department

                              Huang Taiwang---Manufacturing Department

                                  Landy---Sales Department

                                    Liao Feng---PMC Department

                               Tan Kenian---Administration Department

                             Xiao Yulan---Manufacturing Department

                                    Nancy---Sales Department

                                     Zhang Chuanzong---Technology Departmnt

                                 Zhang Fengling---Manufcturing Department                                                 Zhao Zhanyun---Manufacturing Department 

As a part of our company, they always concerns about our company and make unremitting efforts for our company’s development. They proved with practical actions that people can make extraordinary contributions on an ordinary position, which we should learn from.  Because of them, our company can be such brilliant; because of them, our company can have such a solid foundation. Thank them again!


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