Climbing Around Meilin Reservoir

Meilin Reservoir is still very fresh and beautiful, whose three sides are surrounded by green mountains. From Meilin Reservoir along the northwest special administrative line, until Tanglang, there’re continuous mountains such as Wangtianluo. This area is shaded by trees, especially litchi trees, covering almost everywhere. It is unfrequented but there’re many mountain springs, like an earthly paradise.

After a period of continuous rains, finally, on Apr.12nd, a furious spring day, we CR-Climbing Association held an outdoor activity—climbing around Meilin Reservoir.

Early before the day, our leader of the Climbing Association has planned the route and fully prepared!


Now let’s begin our journey:



Climb through the woods and the steep ladder, over the peaks and the reservoir. CR-Climbing Association has carried forward our CR spirit—love adventuring, brave in climbing, never give up, and keep holding on!





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