The First Basketball Game of CR-LASER


      In order to adjust the tense working atmosphere, to give full play of the team spirit, to enhance the tacit understanding of colleagues and the group cohesiveness between every department, we CR-LASER had held a basketball game last Thursday.  All active basketball players from every department had made a quick decision to take part in.
    There were mainly two teams—Marketing Dept. VS Engineering Dept.
    After work, they got changed and had warm-up, the fans and the cheer-up teams also got their cameras ready for them!

        Before the game. See. We are not only handsome outside, but also in mind!


        What’s that tactic? looks like a Chinese game called The Eagle Catch the Chicks.


        Necks were tired because of looking up for the ball. Had we scored?


        Wao! Such a big distance! Why not take a break and have a discussion first?!


        After a quick discussion, we decided to learn the tactic--The Eagle Catch the Chicks.


        Seeing the boys had such a great time, our girls also got involved in it! Jump! Scored!


        We girls also had a good performance!


        After 5 sections, it’s already late at night.
        Guesses which team is the winner?


        The final scores are 8:22;10:22;0:22;14:22;14:22
        The Marketing Dept. had a complete victory!!


        Yeah! Hold on until the last is the best!
        Let’s give them a LIKE!



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