The First "CR-GOOD VOICE" Singing Contest

In the afternoon of Sep.28th,2014, before the 65 anniversary of National Day, we CR-LASER grandly held the first “CR-GOOD VOICE” Singing Contest. We were very honored to invite our General Manager—Mess Lu and other four mangers as our judges; and were very excited to invite a special guest: CR-TEC’s CEO—Mike Mai . Mike also gave an opening speech for us: he looked back the past 10 years of CR-TEC, thanked every employee’s hard work and wished there’s a bigger stage and a brighter further for CR-TEC!
This game would have 14 contestants competed for the First Prize, the Second Prize, the Third Prize and the Best Stage Style Prize. OK. We can’t wait anymore. Now let’s start our game!



It was hot and high on the spot and there’s one climax after another. Some were singing the pop music, some were singing the classical. The contestants were cautious and conscientious and the audiences gave big applause and cheer, no matter what they sang and how well they performed. Besides the supposed singing, No.3 contestant also played a hot dance, setting off the atmosphere; what’s more, some audiences also gave an impromptu singing or dancing and Mr. Zhao Zhanyun, on behalf of the judges, sang for us as well. In addition, there’re some small games. All of these made the atmosphere even higher and higher.



Now, here came the most exciting moment! The judge group has given a comprehensive mark on the singing skill and stage performance of the contestants. Finally, No. 10 contestant—Luo Chao wined the First Prize, No. 3 contestant—Lan Meiqing wined the Second Prize, No. 14 contestant—Zeng zhongliang wined the Third Prize, and No. 13 contestant—Meng Shaotong wined the Best Stage Style Prize.



At last, our General Manager—Mess Lu gave us an conclusion: to thank all the contestants’ splendid performance and remarked on their performance; he also hoped that everybody in CR-LASER this big family can love and help each other, can perform as well as they wish on the stage of CR-LASER! 


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